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Action Training Academy offers a wide range of first aid training from entry level to advanced first aid courses. The first aid training has a progression pathway, whereby learners progress from level 1, to level 2, followed by level 3. Learners can do a combination first aid training course i.e. level 1, 2 and 3 training at a discounted price. We offer onsite first aid training courses for groups of 8 and more which takes the stress out of having to plan a trip.

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First Aid Level 1 Teaches the basics of effective first aid. This first aid training covers a broad variety of emergency medical subjects/modules. Learners are provided with the theoretical information and practical skills necessary to initiate and apply first aid treatment in the workplace or home environment.
First Aid Level 2 - Is for those who need to achieve a more advanced level of first aid competency. This first aid training covers the theoretical and practical skills needed in the workplace to meet health and safety standards. Level 2 first aid training is ideal for designated first aiders, health and safety managers and anyone who needs a first aid certificate for their occupational qualification.
First Aid Level 3 - Comprehensive first aid training that covers all first aid topics from beginners to advanced. This first aid training is ideal for persons who work in hazardous environments or who live in areas where medical care is not readily accessible.

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First aid training teaches learners how to perform emergency life support skills and how to apply these skills in emergency situations. Skills include: safety, contacting the emergency services, CPR, choking, stopping bleeding, treating burns and fractures. The first aid training includes learner manuals, audio visual aids, simulated scenarios and practical exercises. Our first aid training is accredited with the Department of Labour, Health and Welfare Sector Educational Training Authority (HWSETA) and various other bodies to ensure your training measures up to real world needs.

After completing first aid level 3 the next step in progression would be to complete the Basic Ambulance Assistant course, which is entry level into the emergency medical services.

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